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Thursday, 16 May 2013

First UK TV Advert

The first TV commercial broadcast in Britain on 22-Sep-1955.

Gibbs SR Toothpaste

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bits from #ComeTo JUMP

...OMG a blog post...

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Econsultancys JUMP event yesterday. Our new media relations product, Lissted, was a sponsor of the event.

I attended a few sessions and these were some of the main findings and take-away tips I thought were worth sharing:

@MattyCurry from www.lovehoney.co.uk/ "How online PR affects online sales"

  • For them a print ad with unique coding and a 'soft' pre-watershed TV didn't work at all.
  • Novelty topical product attracted more customers (who bought other stuff) and lots of coverage in media.
  • 50 shades of grey was an uncontrollable PR opportunity, but they reacted by taking appropriate products with 'jiggle balls' so they appeared on an in-site search. Coined by the phrase 'Searchandising'.
  • Now they now the 50 shades publishing cycle, so can react.
  • They only really use social for customer service.

  • Get to know the photo desks at papers, if you can do a quick turnaround it is easy coverage.
  • Defend PPC places by using sub-brand sites if you know you are about to be searched for a lot.
  • A good e-commerce page should follow this pattern: Feature ->Recommend->Educate.

@ChrisLaws0n ex-Guardian News "Multichannel campaign and customer experience management"

  • Intermediary's are very important, in there case Amazon (Kindle) and iTunes (App store). Treat them with respect.
  • The average age of Facebook app user is under 20.
  • Guardian are using Facebook data to tailor content and advertising.

  • Create something different, don't always try to compete.
  • Repurposse content (They put their crossword on mobile).

@Irishneil  from  http://www.ispymarketing.com "Search and Social"
  • Social links (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc) are natural and not engineered.
  • Content is King, distribution is Queen.

  • 200+ people in your brand Google + circles get you a free placing on Google search page for your brand name.
  • Check out H&M on Google +.
  • Have a Mobile SEO strategy.
http://www.justgiving.com/ "Social CRM insights"
  • F-commerce works, they know their 'canvas app' has brought in £350K
  • Social sponsorship/sharing added £1 million to donations.

@jonnysteel from www.clicktale.com "How to give the customers what they want and make money doing it"
  • Remember micro conversions. The main conversion may have not been achieved, but perhaps a micro conversion occurred, like: they found info, they shared on social media or they subscribed to a newsletter. 

  • Take away distractions from pages where you want conversions.
I also had the pleasure of meeting @RyanSommerHQ from Econsultancy and @Exanimo from www.fits.me/

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