Wednesday, 19 September 2007

London baby

You might have seen my recent post about bluetooth that said "Lincoln let me down, bring on the bright lights of a real city!" in my hunt for a bluetooth advert.

Last night I was optimistic about receiving an advert in London. I was at the Y Design Awards with work (webitpr) in the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre. We were at the event as sponsors, and Adam even got to present an award!

Couple of snap shots from the camera phone:

I had my bluetooth armed and ready (in fact I have had it on the last week now), Emily reminded me to keep checking it.

The Royal festival hall seemed like a suitable place to be transmitting a bluetooth advert. The whole building would be covered by a 100m transmission radius, and the Y Design Award is for digital design! But alas no joy...

We made our way back to Kings cross (often above ground) but still nothing! I have to admit i had forgotten about my bluetooth by the time we got to Kings cross. While we were waiting for the train I felt a buzz from my phone, thinking it was a text I calmly got my phone out to see. Bluetooth file: 'Transvision'! Bare in mind this was 11.20 and our train left at 11.30 - spooky timing or what! (I have to admit i was a bit excited - sad I know)

Here is the advert from the brilliant o2 (well done on using the bluetooth technology 02):

I think we deserve as absolute classic advert to finish on today - beat this:

Monday, 17 September 2007


My second bluetooth advertising post in a few days, big thanks to Bluepod media CEO, Stefan Hohmann for getting in touch!

The content that you can get across is pretty amazing, obviously the phone you have will have some say in what you can receive - check out this video for the Genesis 'turn it on again' tour.

Remember this is an 'opt in' service, so you can say 'No'. This helps the advertiser as they know who receive the content and who turned it down.

The 100m radius is large enough, especially in an enclosed area like a cinema. Unless you are like Asafa Powell in the cinema or you have a crappy old handset get that bluetooth on and enjoy your mobile and then advertising!

Going to London tomorrow, bluetooth is switched on and ready to rock 'n' roll. Lincoln let me down, bring on the bright lights of a real city!

This would be good to get on your iPhone:

Sunday, 16 September 2007

OT - Buy a new hat

After dating for over 4 years (I know, I am slow!), yesterday I asked my lady, Rachel, to marry me and she said 'Yes'! :)

No date set yet, but I am sure I will see bride and wedding magazines appearing soon!

Friday, 14 September 2007

A glass and a half full of joy?

With almost as big facebook following as Spiderpig, the Cadburys Gorilla is pretty cool. (Or is that an unshaven Phil Collins?). PRWeek had the advert up for 'Hit or Miss', they went for the same outcome I would have = HIT!!! Apparently it is linked into the sponsorship of the 7km 'Great Gorilla Run' on 22nd September, I would have liked it anyway...

There is a fantastic piece of in depth discussion relating to the advert on 'altogether digital', it goes into what brands are having to do to make an advert stand out in a crowd.

The moment you have all been waiting for:

Thursday, 13 September 2007


Spotted a cool advertising tool today thanks to Brand Republic. Bluepod has launched a bluetooth marketing network in some UK cinema's. (Vue and Cineworld).

"Bluepod Media has developed hardware that can communicate with Bluetooth-enabled handsets over a radius of 100m"

This is the type of advert you might receive:

I am going to have to go to sunny Scunthorpe to see if they have it at Vue...Trek!

I will be seeing how much bluetooth advertising is going on by leaving my bluetooth on all the time. (I am usually afraid that a drunk person in a pub will send me a picture of their dog...stranger things have happened!) I don't have high hopes for Lincoln, maybe London can make me proud on Tuesday.

Another classic - Levis know how to advertise!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

It's in the game

Spotted an interesting story on about In-game advertising the other day.

Research has shown that 87 per cent of gamers remember integrated brand messages in computer games, demonstrating the opportunities for marketers.

it went onto say:

...a recent UK survey that found 82 per cent of nine to 19-year-olds have at least one games console and 70 per cent play computer games online.

This was followed up by an article today on 'gi' about another poll of gamers:

Overall, of those respondents who said they had seen adverts in a game, 64 per cent reported that they felt positively towards the brand.

Now just to find who plays what and you have a willing audience!

Some games have implemented product placement for along time. The Fifa series has had realistic stadiums since I can remember, and the advertising hoarding has tended to be game manufactures and sponsors. But this has started to change with the obvious attraction of this ever growing new medium for advertisers.

Spotted these brands at a real game before?

They even manage to get adverts in games that you would expect like Splinter Cell, subtle 'ey?

This links nicely to a Social Media Release that Coke created earlier in the year for a Second Life compe
tition called Virtual Thirst. Check out the YouTube page for some of the entries - hmmm more advertising for coke. They certainly don't need any more brand recognition, even in the most remote parts of the world I have seen Coke imprinted on the landscape.

I need a new PC so I can have a go on Second Life!!!

I'm confused...I am I in the real world or the World of Warcraft:

Monday, 3 September 2007

Everything's happy underground

My first glimpse of the CBS Outdoor digital underground advertising today on the London underground. Unfortunately, Stephen and I were going too fast (avoiding the strike!) for me to grab a video going up the escalator!

There was a fantastic flowing advert for 'The Mousetrap' that I wanted to get on video, but to get the idea take a look at this picture and quick video or go have a look for yourself sometime.

The new O2 arena advert:

Sony Bravia underground advert:

After Stephen's comment that its getting like the Minority Report, I was half expecting the digital boards to say "Hello Mr Shorthouse" or even "Mr Yakamoto"! Maybe that's due on the next round of underground upgrades...

Anyway - It's back! The amazing Skoda Fabia advert on TV: