Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Everyone masticates...

Richmond council is missing a trick if you ask me. These boards stuck to lampposts do a great job collecting gum, but why not sell the space for "consumer-generated street graffiti". Adidas have done it and the council could made some cash!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Slick Blyk

I haven't been using my Blyk phone much, been busy plus I have two other phones! Of the messages I have had through this has been my favourite to date:

T3's Hot 100. The world's greatest gadgets were revealed in April's T3 magazine. What do you think came out top? 1 - PS3; 2 - Wii; 3 - Ipod Touch 32GB?

My free SMS reply, answer: 2

Apple's touch was already the best iPod ever, but the 16GB capacity seemed a bit tight. Now, with 32GB of storage, Wi-Fi and Apple widgets for email, mapping and weather reports, it's an incredibly alluring MP3 and video player, photo viewer and PDA, all powered by Apple's mouth watering multi-touch technology.

All the iPhone's good points without the expensive monthly contract or cacky camera. Go online to for a chance to win T3's top 10 gadgets.

Loving the interaction, only problem is I can't find the competition entry page!

I have also had a Gif advert for 'Shine A Light', Martin Scorsese's film of the Rolling Stones in concert. But, even though Blyk know my phone type they tried to send me a video for Will Ferrell's new film 'Semi-Pro' that I couldn't receive!

My favourite advert on TV at the moment:

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Advertising for PR

You might have missed it as it isn't very eye-catching, but the inside page of last weeks PRWeek had this advert "Why it's time for a new kind of communications" for the Ledbury Group.

Well if worked on me! I read it from start to finish, maybe long copy ads work in the PR realm? It basically goes through how Ledbury are Thought Leadership advocates. "All businesses should aim to be Thought Leaders and market leaders" how true, as Ledbury say the two are interlinked.

PRWeek does have some interesting advertising...I will give it that! A clever idea for Ledbury to bypass the irony of advertising like everyone else!

Over to some thought leaders: