Wednesday, 30 April 2008

t'Internet World

Popped over to Internet World today to say 'Hi' to Zuzanna from Huddle (Nice to finally meet you Suz!) as they are one of our channel partners.

While I was there I managed to finally meet Jonathan Hopkins from Shed and watch the '
Measuring Social Media' seminar in the 'Web 2.0 Experience' arena.

Can't say it was the most interesting seminar, in fact Will McInnes pretty much kept me awake. The full line up was:

Nielsen Online, European Internet Analyst, Alex Burmaster
1000heads, Client Services Director, Robin Grant
Nixon McInnes, MD, Will McInnes
Techlightenment, Co-founder, Ankur Shah
SVP, European Advertising Sales, Miles Lewis
Behindthebuzz, Consultant, Rachel Clarke

Still too many cagey answers and only Will actually looks like he wants to get grips with setting standards and finding answers around measuring social media.

Still I managed to FINALLY meet Dom Whitehurst afterwards for a quick burger!

Budweiser do it again, excellent:

Budweiser - Cool Baby with Bottles and Cans

Sunday, 20 April 2008

It really is all about Online

You might have seen Autotraders current TV advert, it ends with this caption:

What comes first? 'Online', it is like Autotrader are ranking the different mediums on screen. Also they have included mobile this might be in part to the recent iPhone advert that shows someone doing price comparisons on the go.

The print publication began in 1977 so pre-dates the Internet, and now has net sales of 251,252* and readership of 1,376,754* and is well known brand and publication. But, according to ABC* between 1-31 March 2007 had 525,954,855 page impressions, 70,605,394 searches and 8,006,910 individual users! (Those advertising spaces on must command a few quid!) So no wonder they are driving people online...

* from BRAD online

It also brings back that age old argument in many disciplines...measurement. Due to the nature of the beast online is easier to measure, so in turn easier to charge more for advertising! It really is all about MONEY...

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Battle Royale?

Just heard on Radio1 that Tesco's are going to launch a new part to their website to download and buy music, it is going to provide some real competition for iTunes.

This comes just a week or so after Myspace announcing that they are going to do the same and Amazon are joining the battle soon too!

With much competition between all the social networks for traffic and users I think MySpace's recent news of selling music on myspace is genius. They needed to specialise as all these social networks are becoming so similar. I personally only bother with Myspace for music, so that looks more of a natural fit than Tesco or Amazon. But, many people have Amazon accounts and trust Tesco as a retailer. So it looks like a hell of a fight, bring on the price war!

It's back; "juice loose aboot this hoose":

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Piggy backing

Saw this advert on TV today from Berocca that piggy backs on the YouTube success of the famous 'OK GO' music video. (Which has had 32 million views!)



What's the betting on someone trying to use the 'Evolution of dance' for a future advert...

Friday, 4 April 2008

Not a fan

I am not a fan of the timely new advert from Cadbury's and Glass and a half full production...I have given it a week and it doesn't work on me like the Gorilla! (Apart from the music!)

There is a great remix available via this article inspired by the T5 fuck up.

For those who have missed it: