Friday, 14 October 2011

Might as well JUMP

I was lucky enough to go to JUMP 2011 on Wednesday, I attended 3 sessions which were all great. Here are a few bits of knowledge passed on by the excellent presentations.

1) Customer service in the social age, Warren Buckley, Managing Director, Customer Services, BT @wazzer_bt

  • BT been using social for 3 years for customer service.
  • Started when Mike Skinner (AKA the streets) tweeted about BT Vision, has since developed into a 25 man social team. 20 of those are Twitter focused on @BTCare. But, that compares to a 7000 man customer service team who are on the phone!
  • Warren convinced CFO of the ROI of social as a customer service channel.
  • They have a simple format: Receive complaint> Reply> Resolve> Get thanked
  • Social requires real-time response, Warren say 30mins - 1hr.
  • They have started a BTCare community forum that pulls in all the social stuff to a central hub.
  • His main message was 'Be brave' and keep things internal so you can control it easier, quicker and better

2) Optimising the opt-in opportunity: Email acquisition in a multichannel environment, Nick Fuller, Director of Strategy & Analytics, e-Dialog International

  • Email still outweighs social for how consumers get messages.
  • "Don't use a pull environment to send a push campaign"
  • "A ‘like’ is nice but an opt-in is better!"

3) Mobile: The final frontier for digital marketing, Kevin Cochrane, VP Marketing, Digital Enterprise (Adobe)

  • "Think mobile first".
  • Today's consumer is a multichannel social consumer.
  • Mobile and desktop experiences should be different, as they will be different demographics.
  • But there are barriers in mobile web - for example apps need approving by 3rd party (apple etc).
  • Geographic targeting is massive, mobile web can be easily utilized for that.

The song that was going around my head all day!