Tuesday, 28 August 2007


As I mentioned in a previous post "More and more brands are giving out direct web links at every opportunity", this was the case in the half time adverts of tonight champions league game on ITV. Nikefootball.com have launched a new series of adverts to accompany their fancy new site and 'T90' gear, plus they have got the Dirty Sanchez boys on board to feature in the "Put it where you want it tour" where "precision meets punishment" the adverts feature Rooney, Malouda, Frings and Gattuso trying to prove who is most accurate in their T90 lasers.

Good follow up to the cage series of adverts from a few years back. But what did those adverts advertise? Answers on a postcard.

You can see Rooney's efforts on target better via Youtube:

Work, work and more work

...only kidding boss! For those of you who don't know, here is a bit about what we have been up to at work.

At webitpr we have been very busy, you might already know from Stephens blog that we have developed and launched a new part to our service - our Social Media News Release (SMNR). Obviously I am biased, but the SMNR is damn cool. The functionality of the concept is perfect for a variety of online press releases and benefits enormously from our monitoring prowess. Take a look at our latest news if you haven't seen Todd Defrens original template in action. (I told you we have been busy!).

In a few months we have hired Stephen, partnered with a translation service, commissioned an online PR survey and who could forget our 'kickit' table football event (Videos here)! Busy bees.

Personal Favourite: "Hello to you"

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Facebook again

A few posts in, and another Facebook mention! They better start paying me soon...especially when the advertising kicks in.

Brand republic
today highlighted the news that facebook is going to start 'targeted' advertising. Using details from you favourite music, films, books and activities but not personal details, they will allow advertisers to put targeted adverts on your personal mini-feed.

Commenting on Brand Republic - Dean Donaldson from digital marketing company Eyeblaster isn't a fan, can't say I am either. Ironically Dean has used facebook to vert his frustration, I wander if big brother is watching? I appreciate that Facebook have to make money, but an 'opt in' option would be nice Mr Zuckerberg - we get some adverts already that we can cope with NO MORE PLEASE!. You have the edge on Myspace, don't blow it...Facebook has grown 366% since the start of the year and attracted an audience of 7.6 million unique visitors.

Great use of 2.30mins of you life, great advert, great song...better in the cinema:

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

England beat Germany...

...with the amount of UK Advertisers on hoarding: 4-0! (+1 for Denmark)

Clutching at straws I know, but we are useless! Quick footie rant - we lost, we didn't play that well, we underachieved, Germany put out a weak side, Carrick was useless, Robinson is fat, Hanson/Shearer and Wright are wrong we didn't need to play well - we needed to win!

Back to the Advertising: Umbro continued to advertise their 'onelove' brand with Umbro.com digi-banners, to show it's "100% dedicated to football in all its forms". Nicely leading to the SX boots that hit you on the Umbro homepage (Gold studs?). More and more brands are giving out direct web links at every opportunity, looks like Vodafone have hit the nail on the head with a fantastic advert about mobile Internet - we can access the Internet whenever we want!

Nationwide introduced a cool initiative 'Sponsored by you' , where 6 members of the crowd get their name on the hoarding. I spotted "Joy Vickers" (Geek I know), better than watching England miss a hat full. The 'Blog: Add A Player' bit is very bare...where is David Healy on the list? See if you can beat my 9 out of 10 on the quiz too. Not the worlds best website but still got some good content.

A bit of a classic for you today...yes I am old enough to remember it!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Starter for 10

What better place to start than with facebook! I am a facebook fan, perfect for keeping in contact with friends (especially those that are abroad), setting up events and wasting time...Fair enough facebook has security flaws and so does Myspace, but I have found a 2.0 'friend'/marketer making the most of it all - Tom.

I am 'friends' with Tom, but so are 1312 others! That makes a mockery of the 198 friends I have. He is an event manager for Londonparties.co.uk and his facebook is an extension of his work. I get regular updates on 'events' @ Chinawhite and so do the 1312 others. With 34 yes' and 74 maybes I guess that's not a bad return for his guest list.

Good use of technology Tom, not quite sure on your choice of recipients (IE me!)...

"Most table bookings normally have a minimum spend of around £500 - £1000" See you there?!?!

Great advert from across the pond:

Sunday, 19 August 2007

What's in a name

My best friends first comment, "doesn't that say pervert?!?" Well almost...

There is method to my madness:

1) PR
2) Ad-vert-ising
3) Pervert - "...a deviation from what is considered to be orthodox or normal"

Hopefully that will encompass what this blog is all about.

Now I bet your wondering what you name means!

Giles - English, from Greek "young goat".

Saturday, 18 August 2007


After some encouragement from a few people, I am going to try out blogging! I enjoy working in a cutting edge firm and an exciting sector. But, i want to get back my first love too - Advertising - what better way than blogging my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say...

My favourite advert at the moment: