Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Social network for Gingers!

One for Chris Reed here...spotted on five news of all places! Redhedd.com a social network for gingers!

Love the intro:
"Welcome to Redhedd.com, a new community devoted to cheerleading a beautiful noble rarified and dying breed.

Red headed or even just bearded? Enemy of the sun? "Freckleface" when you were a wee'n? Spend more on suncreen than you do on shampoo? Or maybe you're one of the "others" but just can't seem to squelch your undying affection for the copper-topped. Well then join up! Membership is free and the redhead love is overflowing."

Apparently red heads are dying out so they need to breed together to survive. It got some coverage on MTV Canada from their redhead presenter:


Giles said...

But you dont have to be a redhead to join...how do you prove it anyway? Answers on a postrcard!

Daljit B said...

Who says there's not a Web 2.O bubble...The site should be popular in the summer when members are unable to go outside to enjoy the sunshine and the perfect site for online advertising from Garnier Nutrisse... :-)

Giles said...

LOL - Offer to do consulting for Garnier!