Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Slick Blyk

I haven't been using my Blyk phone much, been busy plus I have two other phones! Of the messages I have had through this has been my favourite to date:

T3's Hot 100. The world's greatest gadgets were revealed in April's T3 magazine. What do you think came out top? 1 - PS3; 2 - Wii; 3 - Ipod Touch 32GB?

My free SMS reply, answer: 2

Apple's touch was already the best iPod ever, but the 16GB capacity seemed a bit tight. Now, with 32GB of storage, Wi-Fi and Apple widgets for email, mapping and weather reports, it's an incredibly alluring MP3 and video player, photo viewer and PDA, all powered by Apple's mouth watering multi-touch technology.

All the iPhone's good points without the expensive monthly contract or cacky camera. Go online to for a chance to win T3's top 10 gadgets.

Loving the interaction, only problem is I can't find the competition entry page!

I have also had a Gif advert for 'Shine A Light', Martin Scorsese's film of the Rolling Stones in concert. But, even though Blyk know my phone type they tried to send me a video for Will Ferrell's new film 'Semi-Pro' that I couldn't receive!

My favourite advert on TV at the moment:

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