Thursday, 23 October 2008

Three for Three meme

I have been tagged by Paul to join in the latest meme, started by Jed here, it is all a bit of fun. To quote Jed "Three for Three will consist of three top three selections then passed on to three people for them to each pass it on to three more people"

Top Three non-work websites
1. Facebook
2. (STILL unbeaten in L2)
3. BBC iPlayer

Top Three Karaoke Songs
1. It's Not Unusual
2. Mustang Sally
3. Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop)"...

Top Three Weekend Cocktails
1. Pina Colada
2. White Russain
3. Cheeky Vimto

And the three people I am tagging are:
1. Gill
2. Richard
3. Suz


Paul Stallard said...

Skatman - classic. Ha ha ha - great choice.

gill_edwards said...

Yay! You've tagged me :-)

PS - agree with the above comments about Skatman song!

Giles said...

@Paul - shame he passed away!
@ Gill - sharing the love