Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Spice up your underwear?

The ladies' bras, the ladies' bras, the ladies' knickers and the ladies' bras!

Another music PR stunt today. But, this time it's the mother of all girl groups the Spice girls. They have signed a £5 million deal with US lingerie firm Victoria's Secret which means that the forthcoming 'Greatest Hits' album will be initial only be sold through Victoria's Secret stores across the US from November the 13th.

There have been so many changes in the music industry recently, Madonna and Nine Inch Nails to name a few more since Radiohead, Prince and the Charlatans, it seems that you need a novel promotion idea or big hitting PR to sell albums! What ever next? Lets see some more 2.0 ideas people.

So girls, can we expect a bit more of this (I hope not!):


PRotagonist said...

I guess to some extent the partnership between the Spice Girls and Victoria's Secret makes sense, in so far as the teeny-boppers who followed the SGs a decade ago are probably VSs target demographic now.

But how many of that audience are really going to to be influenced by the underwear selection of their ex-idols?

Giles said...

It is a great way of getting women in the store. I doubt many men are going to buy the album...maybe I am wrong?!?