Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Are Radiohead leaving themselves 'High and Dry'?

Radiohead have announced that you can choose how much you pay for there next album, this comes after they split from EMI a while back. They will directly pocket any money that they make - apparently you can pick from between 0-99 quid!

You can visit the page for the new album "In Rainbows" and pre-order the download or discbox now. (Available on the 10th).

With a huge worldwide fan base and die hard fans maybe only Radiohead can get away with this distribution method? Time will tell...maybe we will see Thom Yorke at Eurovision when he needs to pay the bills?

Prince and more recently the Charlatans started the trend, I say bring on the free stuff!

Hell of a PR stunt, amazing way of doing it...Radiohead I salute you.

Going with a related song today - In my top ten of all time:


Daljit B said...

A great PR stunt I agree, but I don't think if this is in the long term interests of either Radiohead or the wider music industry. The fight against Napster and the P2P networks was in part about showing that music is not a worthless commodity and itunes has set the value of a track at 79p which is hardly extortionate. This move erodes even that minimum which is bad news for those new and smaller bands who are not multi-millionaires!

Giles said...

Hi Daljit.
Very true. Thats why I think only Radiohead can get away with this. They have die hard fans who will pay £99 for the album plus buy the discbox at £/$40. I think they will make the same (or more) than if it was in the shops at £9.99.

Yesterday, Scouting for girls said on the radio they havent seen any money at all since they made it big. So not a good time to be a rock star!

tim hoang said...

Giles,they still have groupies, hardly think that it's a bad time...