Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Can Facebook work for PR?

One of the main questions asked at last nights NMK event was:

"Can you show me an example of where a planned Facebook campaign has worked for an online PR ?"

Yesterday NMA announce that Kylie's new album 'X' will be available to download first (today) on Nokia's music store before the general release. This ties in nicely with the Facebook application kylierobotics.

Application description:

Send your Friends your favourite Kylie Robotic or even create your own! You can either look through the archives of Kylie robotics based on her different outfits over the years or send the new album 'X' Kylie to your friends.

The campaign is being handled by Parlophone, and follows Kylie's launch of her own social network Kylie is busy online!

The application currently only has 883 daily active users (1 is now me)! Some way behind Wispa, HSBC and Cadburys Gorilla groups. But maybe an application is the way to go? - More interactive?

Definitely one to keep an eye on!

Better finish with a Kylie advert:


Stephen Davies said...

"Can you show me an example of where a planned Facebook campaign has worked for an online PR?"

I asked that question in July:

Maybe Innocent Drinks will let us know in a few months:

Stephen Davies said...

Oh, and that ad's not as good as the Napster one:

Giles said...

Alicia keys has also deployed a facebook app.

I think you beat me on the advert front!

Daljit B said...

I think many agencies are being very secretive about the success of Facebook campaigns which is slightly short-termist.

Understandably they do not want to give away ideas to competitors but at the same time they are not reinforcing the success of the medium which leading people to wrongly speculate it is all hot-air. Obviously a bad move thinking longer term.

Giles said...

They are indeed, and no one at the NMK event could even claim to have planned a successful campaign!

I am keeping my eye on a few facebook activities that have been publicised and hope to have an insiders viewpoint too.