Thursday, 29 November 2007

Viral works!

I am trying hard to get people to talk to me about PR within Facebook, no success yet. But viral marketing got a big thumbs up today!

"McCain Foods' first viral ad has been viewed by more than 100,000 people in 124 countries in its first week"

The McCain Potato parade is the viral ad to reach this impressive number, add another 1 to that I think it's great.

Happy birthday Stephen for tomorrow!

See for yourself:


PRotagonist said...

I just don't understand viral, will the fact that 100,000 pople have looked at the ads affect McCain's chip sales in anyway? Nice idea and it certainly engages people with the brand but I still dislike it.

Cool that Aardman are still heavily involved in ads though, was always a big fan of the Heat Electric ones.

Giles said...

It is more a reinforcement that McCain are making (quoting the viral) 'special' food.

Creature comforts are genius, PROtagonist you are an advert fan!

PRotagonist said...

*sigh* Giles, when will you learn it's PRotagonist, there's no capital 'O'.

Actually just thinking about it, considering the fear and concern about genetic modification is it really a wise move to have a singin and dancing potato as your spokesperson? Especially since you're talking about 'special' food.