Thursday, 20 December 2007

A year in PR

Wadds has started the 2007 'A year in PR' reviewing session, he was followed swiftly by Ged. As a newbie to PR and only touching one specific part of the genre (online) I will do a micro version!

(1) Most important development in social media
webitpr's Social Media News Release? has got to be the development of Facebook.

(2) Biggest disappointment
MySpace's response to FaceBook - Maybe that will change soon!

(3) High
Cadbury's Gorilla and the Wonderbra follow up!

(4) Low
Limited in depth responses at the NMK Beers and Innovation event (Great event otherwise)

(5) Biggest cock up (in 2007 in general)
Steve McClaren - Joke list here...

(6) Predictions for 2008
Social networks being banned at work and home for steeling peoples lives...and some faddy sites/tools that will simply bob above the water and then sink without a trace. Plus more personalised and targeted advertising in 2.0 ways.

(7) Next big thing?
More and more specific social networks such as vbmaNETWORK and meandmybicycle.

(8) Most important tech development
'Mobility' the ease of going online wherever/whenever - nicely advertised here by Vodafone.

Some great Advertising methods from the year to date:
Handvertising, Shadow(vertising), On Police Cars, In 'the can', On Toast and Using Hills.

Over to Daljit and Dom for their thoughts.

Happy Christmas: A great Christmasy advert to end the year:


tim hoang said...

Myspace's reaction has been a bit shit hasn't it? Also, I was disappointed with the response from all the 'big hitters' from the NMK event too. Everyone's good at pointing out stuff that's wrong with PR - but no one's bothered trying to do anything about it yet. Apparently Stuart Bruce is looking to do something but we'll have to wait and see

Muttley said...

Hi - nice round up, but you need to watch the spelling, mate... "steeling people's lives..."? So social networks make us harder? ;-)

have a good Christmas/NY