Thursday, 3 January 2008

My Week in Media

Happy new year, may 2008 be fruitful!

I have been tagged by Daljit to jump on the 'My Week in Media' bandwagon. You can catch up with it all the goings on here.

I have to say it has not been an average week, so my answers might make you laugh!

What I've watched

Not a lot! Some festive television (Extras and Dr Who) and a few bargain DVDs (Miami Vice and X-men 3) from the sales!
The trailer to the new Jack Black film (Looks amazing!)
Going to be using the new BBC iPlayer loads, as now bookmarked!

What I've read

Again not a lot. No books, the odd sport page of newspapers and trying to avoid the gossip/fashion/bridal magazines that the Mrs has lying around. Mainly been catching up on my Bloglines and reading other peoples week in media! (O...and the TV Guide!)

What I've listened to

Radio1 - Mills in for Moyles
Jools Holland's Hootenanny (Seasick Steve rocks)
The Joseph soundtrack at the future In-laws house!

What I've surfed

Football sites, as it is Transfer time! Latest from BBC.
Fantasyfootball, Facebook and Hotmail
Again caught up with Bloglines too!

I told you it was an odd week!

Who I am tagging?
My friend Nathan Cook at Cheeze, Lloyd Gofton and Simon Collister.

Classic advert as a bonus:


understrictembargo said...

Thanks for taking part. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the web 2.0 insights of bridal magazines. The new "Choose my Wedding Colour Scheme' Facebook application is spreading like wild fire at the moment.

Giles said...

Hmmm, are you pulling my leg...there are 29 applications on facebook for wedding though!

PRotagonist said...

I'm gutted I missed Seasick Steve's performance on New Year, it looks fantastic. The Hootenany is one of the only decent excuses for staying in on Dec 31st.

I'm also trying to keep up to speed with a lot of the January transfers, which footballing institution are you following in particular?

Giles said...

They call me a Wanderer...a Wycombe Wanderer. We just signed Leon Knight - wooop!

PRotagonist said...

Well you can't have it all I guess, at least you're not a Spurs fan.