Sunday, 20 April 2008

It really is all about Online

You might have seen Autotraders current TV advert, it ends with this caption:

What comes first? 'Online', it is like Autotrader are ranking the different mediums on screen. Also they have included mobile this might be in part to the recent iPhone advert that shows someone doing price comparisons on the go.

The print publication began in 1977 so pre-dates the Internet, and now has net sales of 251,252* and readership of 1,376,754* and is well known brand and publication. But, according to ABC* between 1-31 March 2007 had 525,954,855 page impressions, 70,605,394 searches and 8,006,910 individual users! (Those advertising spaces on must command a few quid!) So no wonder they are driving people online...

* from BRAD online

It also brings back that age old argument in many disciplines...measurement. Due to the nature of the beast online is easier to measure, so in turn easier to charge more for advertising! It really is all about MONEY...

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