Wednesday, 30 April 2008

t'Internet World

Popped over to Internet World today to say 'Hi' to Zuzanna from Huddle (Nice to finally meet you Suz!) as they are one of our channel partners.

While I was there I managed to finally meet Jonathan Hopkins from Shed and watch the '
Measuring Social Media' seminar in the 'Web 2.0 Experience' arena.

Can't say it was the most interesting seminar, in fact Will McInnes pretty much kept me awake. The full line up was:

Nielsen Online, European Internet Analyst, Alex Burmaster
1000heads, Client Services Director, Robin Grant
Nixon McInnes, MD, Will McInnes
Techlightenment, Co-founder, Ankur Shah
SVP, European Advertising Sales, Miles Lewis
Behindthebuzz, Consultant, Rachel Clarke

Still too many cagey answers and only Will actually looks like he wants to get grips with setting standards and finding answers around measuring social media.

Still I managed to FINALLY meet Dom Whitehurst afterwards for a quick burger!

Budweiser do it again, excellent:

Budweiser - Cool Baby with Bottles and Cans

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Giles said...

I managed to get in a photo too!