Saturday, 23 August 2008

1 Million views in 2

Have you ever met Fred? He is a YouTube sensation, his latest video has got over 1 million views in 2 days = Wow.

His channel,, has:
Subscribers: 429,688
Channel Views: 10,529,653

There is a commercial investor behind the man (boy - Lucas Cruikshank - 14!), a IM wireless device called Zipit. Guessing they are pretty chuffed with the total of 77 million viewers of all of the Fred videos!

More info:
"Lucas has also scored a five-figure sponsorship deal with the makers of a wireless messaging device called Zipit - so he's augmenting his virtual fame with some real cash."

The Zipit device doesn't get featured in the last 2 video's and neither does Fred's Zipit web link - So maybe it has gone a bit pear shaped?

Personal favourite:

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