Friday, 8 August 2008

meme: Inspirational communicators

Ged has tagged me on the latest meme to find inspirational communicators. So far names include; Steve Jobs, Muhammed Ali , Big Winston, Banksy and Wadds Grandad!

I thought I would take the literal route and go for the big 3; Telephone, Internet and Email.

Alexander Graham Bell for beating Elisha Gray to the patent office and starting the ball rolling for long distance (not initially mind) voice communications.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee the man behind the WWW, might not have been the same if it wasn't royalty-free!

'The Email' it actually pre-dates the Internet by 25 years! Now a staple of most of our lives, I have at least 4 email addresses!

On a personal note I would got with two teachers; Andy Corcoran, my inspirational advertising professor from Uni and Mr D'Angelo - I have never seen someone with such a passion for Maths!

I am going to tag Robin, Paul and a very quiet Daljit

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