Tuesday, 3 March 2009

2nd Annual Media Content World Summit, London

Last Thursday I went to the 2nd Annual Media Content World Summit in London, run by Joseph De Villiers at TechnoSummits. I tried my best to live tweet!

Opening keynotes were by the very entertaining Rory Sutherland from Ogilvy, setting the scene with comedy and in-depth knowledge of digital advertising practice. Rory commented on 'Realtime' - preventing issues with information (E.G Radio's having roadwork updates), that advertisers are spending the proportionally the same as when there was less media channels and gave a case study for customer engagement using Fizzback as an example.

The industry review was provided by ACT (Association of commercial television) - Official research has discovered that mobile TV has been slow to pick up.

The first panel was "VOD and IPTV: Show me the money" among the panelist was Richard Gale from Playboy TV UK. A fellow Twitterer!
Notable comments:
- Playboy closing DVD division to sell direct in digital
- 'Portability' - highlighted well by Slingbox
- OnDemand replacing scheduling and Personalisation
- Content quality
- Tracking - VOD and IPTV allows for tracking

Geir Bjorndal from Conax then spoke on the future of digital media.
- Protecting revenues for content providers
- Encrypting content

The final part I went to was Jon Snow interviewing Pete Bazalgette a very interesting interview called "Straight Talking" about monetisation of digital media, summary:
- This is an age of disruption
- Gaming and gambling are generating revenues
- Where will the BBC raise funds?
- ITV advertising down 17%, Five down 30% and Channel4 down 11%
- Hulu will overtake YouTubes revenue in 2009
- Privacy, Piracy, Personalisation and Phorm
- Penny make pounds make lots of pounds!
- The Kangaroo saga
- Product placement on UK TV (currently illegal)
- Behavioural advertising (regulations and backlash)
- Traditional media are dinosaurs
- Jon Snow blogs!
- Digital Britain, how the governments short term will mean much wont be implemented

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