Wednesday, 22 August 2007

England beat Germany...

...with the amount of UK Advertisers on hoarding: 4-0! (+1 for Denmark)

Clutching at straws I know, but we are useless! Quick footie rant - we lost, we didn't play that well, we underachieved, Germany put out a weak side, Carrick was useless, Robinson is fat, Hanson/Shearer and Wright are wrong we didn't need to play well - we needed to win!

Back to the Advertising: Umbro continued to advertise their 'onelove' brand with digi-banners, to show it's "100% dedicated to football in all its forms". Nicely leading to the SX boots that hit you on the Umbro homepage (Gold studs?). More and more brands are giving out direct web links at every opportunity, looks like Vodafone have hit the nail on the head with a fantastic advert about mobile Internet - we can access the Internet whenever we want!

Nationwide introduced a cool initiative 'Sponsored by you' , where 6 members of the crowd get their name on the hoarding. I spotted "Joy Vickers" (Geek I know), better than watching England miss a hat full. The 'Blog: Add A Player' bit is very bare...where is David Healy on the list? See if you can beat my 9 out of 10 on the quiz too. Not the worlds best website but still got some good content.

A bit of a classic for you today...yes I am old enough to remember it!

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