Monday, 20 August 2007

Starter for 10

What better place to start than with facebook! I am a facebook fan, perfect for keeping in contact with friends (especially those that are abroad), setting up events and wasting time...Fair enough facebook has security flaws and so does Myspace, but I have found a 2.0 'friend'/marketer making the most of it all - Tom.

I am 'friends' with Tom, but so are 1312 others! That makes a mockery of the 198 friends I have. He is an event manager for and his facebook is an extension of his work. I get regular updates on 'events' @ Chinawhite and so do the 1312 others. With 34 yes' and 74 maybes I guess that's not a bad return for his guest list.

Good use of technology Tom, not quite sure on your choice of recipients (IE me!)...

"Most table bookings normally have a minimum spend of around £500 - £1000" See you there?!?!

Great advert from across the pond:

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