Thursday, 23 August 2007

Facebook again

A few posts in, and another Facebook mention! They better start paying me soon...especially when the advertising kicks in.

Brand republic
today highlighted the news that facebook is going to start 'targeted' advertising. Using details from you favourite music, films, books and activities but not personal details, they will allow advertisers to put targeted adverts on your personal mini-feed.

Commenting on Brand Republic - Dean Donaldson from digital marketing company Eyeblaster isn't a fan, can't say I am either. Ironically Dean has used facebook to vert his frustration, I wander if big brother is watching? I appreciate that Facebook have to make money, but an 'opt in' option would be nice Mr Zuckerberg - we get some adverts already that we can cope with NO MORE PLEASE!. You have the edge on Myspace, don't blow it...Facebook has grown 366% since the start of the year and attracted an audience of 7.6 million unique visitors.

Great use of 2.30mins of you life, great advert, great song...better in the cinema:

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