Wednesday, 19 September 2007

London baby

You might have seen my recent post about bluetooth that said "Lincoln let me down, bring on the bright lights of a real city!" in my hunt for a bluetooth advert.

Last night I was optimistic about receiving an advert in London. I was at the Y Design Awards with work (webitpr) in the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre. We were at the event as sponsors, and Adam even got to present an award!

Couple of snap shots from the camera phone:

I had my bluetooth armed and ready (in fact I have had it on the last week now), Emily reminded me to keep checking it.

The Royal festival hall seemed like a suitable place to be transmitting a bluetooth advert. The whole building would be covered by a 100m transmission radius, and the Y Design Award is for digital design! But alas no joy...

We made our way back to Kings cross (often above ground) but still nothing! I have to admit i had forgotten about my bluetooth by the time we got to Kings cross. While we were waiting for the train I felt a buzz from my phone, thinking it was a text I calmly got my phone out to see. Bluetooth file: 'Transvision'! Bare in mind this was 11.20 and our train left at 11.30 - spooky timing or what! (I have to admit i was a bit excited - sad I know)

Here is the advert from the brilliant o2 (well done on using the bluetooth technology 02):

I think we deserve as absolute classic advert to finish on today - beat this:

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