Monday, 17 September 2007


My second bluetooth advertising post in a few days, big thanks to Bluepod media CEO, Stefan Hohmann for getting in touch!

The content that you can get across is pretty amazing, obviously the phone you have will have some say in what you can receive - check out this video for the Genesis 'turn it on again' tour.

Remember this is an 'opt in' service, so you can say 'No'. This helps the advertiser as they know who receive the content and who turned it down.

The 100m radius is large enough, especially in an enclosed area like a cinema. Unless you are like Asafa Powell in the cinema or you have a crappy old handset get that bluetooth on and enjoy your mobile and then advertising!

Going to London tomorrow, bluetooth is switched on and ready to rock 'n' roll. Lincoln let me down, bring on the bright lights of a real city!

This would be good to get on your iPhone:

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