Thursday, 13 September 2007


Spotted a cool advertising tool today thanks to Brand Republic. Bluepod has launched a bluetooth marketing network in some UK cinema's. (Vue and Cineworld).

"Bluepod Media has developed hardware that can communicate with Bluetooth-enabled handsets over a radius of 100m"

This is the type of advert you might receive:

I am going to have to go to sunny Scunthorpe to see if they have it at Vue...Trek!

I will be seeing how much bluetooth advertising is going on by leaving my bluetooth on all the time. (I am usually afraid that a drunk person in a pub will send me a picture of their dog...stranger things have happened!) I don't have high hopes for Lincoln, maybe London can make me proud on Tuesday.

Another classic - Levis know how to advertise!


Howard1984 said...

ah, Levi's. I remember the adverts were a combination of 'hip' songs with completely random subject matter.

Memories :

Giles said...

Another classic. All about standing out in a crowd, and the fact you remember them will make Levis happy!