Monday, 3 September 2007

Everything's happy underground

My first glimpse of the CBS Outdoor digital underground advertising today on the London underground. Unfortunately, Stephen and I were going too fast (avoiding the strike!) for me to grab a video going up the escalator!

There was a fantastic flowing advert for 'The Mousetrap' that I wanted to get on video, but to get the idea take a look at this picture and quick video or go have a look for yourself sometime.

The new O2 arena advert:

Sony Bravia underground advert:

After Stephen's comment that its getting like the Minority Report, I was half expecting the digital boards to say "Hello Mr Shorthouse" or even "Mr Yakamoto"! Maybe that's due on the next round of underground upgrades...

Anyway - It's back! The amazing Skoda Fabia advert on TV:

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