Tuesday, 4 September 2007

It's in the game

Spotted an interesting story on mad.co.uk about In-game advertising the other day.

Research has shown that 87 per cent of gamers remember integrated brand messages in computer games, demonstrating the opportunities for marketers.

it went onto say:

...a recent UK survey that found 82 per cent of nine to 19-year-olds have at least one games console and 70 per cent play computer games online.

This was followed up by an article today on 'gi' about another poll of gamers:

Overall, of those respondents who said they had seen adverts in a game, 64 per cent reported that they felt positively towards the brand.

Now just to find who plays what and you have a willing audience!

Some games have implemented product placement for along time. The Fifa series has had realistic stadiums since I can remember, and the advertising hoarding has tended to be game manufactures and sponsors. But this has started to change with the obvious attraction of this ever growing new medium for advertisers.

Spotted these brands at a real game before?

They even manage to get adverts in games that you would expect like Splinter Cell, subtle 'ey?

This links nicely to a Social Media Release that Coke created earlier in the year for a Second Life compe
tition called Virtual Thirst. Check out the YouTube page for some of the entries - hmmm more advertising for coke. They certainly don't need any more brand recognition, even in the most remote parts of the world I have seen Coke imprinted on the landscape.

I need a new PC so I can have a go on Second Life!!!

I'm confused...I am I in the real world or the World of Warcraft:

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